March 22, 2011

The Toy Challenge

I did not realize that going through toys to get rid of while my son is in the same building is useless.  Somehow he knew, with no hints from me whatsoever, that the laundry basket full of toys were going to be given away or sold. Must be some special child's instinct or connection to his toys!

Yes, I'm doing this to declutter and clear out for selling the house and moving, but also to try to transition from plastic toys, which feels really impossible.  At least I will reduce the amount and if we can commit to buying healthy toys from here on out we'll be in a better case scenario long term at some point.  And hopefully family members will catch on and start getting wooden, cloth, etc... toys for presents.

Some plastic toys that we can't say good bye to are:

-Anything G.I. Joe or army men (unless they have wooden army men I am not aware of.)
-Legos (although right now they are an object of training and are put up until someone decides to start listening to mom and dad on a regular basis.)
-Anything Toy Story
-Matchbox cars
-Outdoor toys like bats, balls, etc...
-Some bath toys (everyone needs a wind up bath toy!)

Most everything else really could be replaced with a better/healthier version of the same concept.

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