August 6, 2012

Keeping Big Picture

An update would be good before the month passes.

Jake's job situation is doing well, although his change from working at home to a commute has complicated some things, he will be transitioning back to home soon it looks like.  There is nothing like having a hubby that gets up early to finish the day by 3-4ish.  That extra hour is priceless with our little ones.  Right now we also have a lot of home projects to do as well. Evenings go by so fast!

It is a bit of a dilemma to have money to spend, desire to save, but then have a lot of things that we can do to improve our current home.  We have to prioritize and budget what is necessary and what we can look forward to after we get land.  It is all very exciting, but it is easy to rush certain things and neglect other priorities.  Keeping goals and writing down priorities should really help to keep focus.

Here are some things to remember:

1) No Debt
2) Budget Healthy Meals
3) Not too much dreaming - God knows our desires and true satisfaction is found in daily seeking Him!
4) Take care of what you have and enjoy it!

 I can get stuck in the details and forget about the big picture, but I LOVE finding movies like this to keep the inspiration going.