October 6, 2011

DVD give away at New Life On a Homestead!

I am entering New Life on a Homestead's DVD giveaway for:

Inherit the Land: Franklin Springs DVD

You can find the giveaway here.

I hope to win this to help inspire our long term goals to raise a family on land, learning how to grow our own food. 

October 1, 2011

Still settling in

I am almost to a point of taking pictures of our new home.  We still have clutter to deal with in the laundry area and of course our everyday clutter.  Not many, if any, are reading this blog, so I guess there is not much of a rush. LOL That is okay because this was meant to be a record of our journey and if I am going to journal it, most probably won't read. Which is fine with me.

Fall commitments began to get busy last week so it was really good that we moved when we did. I've learned that whenever you move there is a small window of motivation before you lose steam.  We still have some projects left, but we all really feel the need for a normal life routine.  Perhaps we can still fit a project in every week as part of our routine.

We are still waiting on the bank for finalized paperwork on an asking price for the house. We've learned to be patient and to just let the negotiator do his job.  The house is completely vacated save Jake's hydroponic lights and our plastic wheelbarrow behind the shed.

We hope we can close before snow so we are not having to go snow blow for every showing. LOL

The light at the end of the debt tunnel is getting bigger. I am not even allowing myself to look at land until we start actually saving money.  Plus, we have no idea when the right land will present itself. That is God's timing. I've become more picky on location recently, although I probably shouldn't.  It would be nice to stay within an hour of our hometown. Family is here and we don't want to be too far since one of us is not a big traveler.    Being far away and driving in to see family is a gas guzzling activity though, if you allow yourselves visit so often.

Our goal is not get away from family, but to be frugally below our means so we are able to give.  "Be a fountain not a well"  If we are called to be further away we know it won't be because we really want it, but because it is God's will. Which is always best, and also usually not what we think we want. Wanting what God wants is always better and takes discipline to listen to Him in the present, trusting Him with the future.  His way is perfect. I am thankful that He has given us His Word, the Bible, to know His will so we don't have to hem and haw.  If it is according to the Bible, it's what He wants, which usually always means..He wants our hearts pure and faithful only to Him, not any man. If our purpose and allegiance is truly with Jesus Christ's and the furthering of His Kingdom it will be God's will and we will have peace.

I am comforted as I look back at our decisions to see that we were making huge directional changes about things we saw as being unwise.  For both of us to really have the same mind about something big like this is really rare. As a married couple with very different personalities it was odd that we saw our inward promptings similar as we discussed our future on our anniversary overnight.  Perhaps it shouldn't be odd, but to us it was. Perhaps this is a new way for us, which would be great. :)

It is comforting to see Christ at the center of our relationship.  With our different personalities it is difficult to maintain a productive marriage together.  It takes real Love as described in I Corinthians 13. It takes patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, selflessness, etc.. to be at peace with one another.  When any of those things are off, even one, we are at odds.  It has become a high priority for me that our family be at peace with one another and to not have any inner dwelling bitterness. That takes work, but it is worth every ounce of effort to see God working in and through us as we live at peace with each other.