May 11, 2011

Backyard Corner Flower Gardening

This is my project area this summer.  I think it will add a lot of beauty to the home when we show it for sale. I mulched all around the house yesterday, with a few more bags left to buy and throw down. All we need to do now is keep up on the mowing and weed whacking and the lawn should look great.  This areas already consists of hostas, roses, lily of the valley, widows tears, daisies, and lilies. Anyway, on to my seed starting adventure.


To spend as little as possible I decide to start my own baby annual plants. I color coded the seed packets so I knew which cups were which. Marigold, Pansy, bellflowers, sweat peas and silver dollars (aka money plant).

I filled medium size paper cups with dirt and poked holes in the bottom for drainage.

I found a couple plastic tub lids that weren't being used in the basement and use them to catch any drainage.

I was so surprised at how fast the marigolds and sweat peas started popping up!  Marigold after about 3 days and sweat peas only 2 days!  that must have been really good potting soil!  Only about $1.50 a bag at the back of the gardening section at Meijer.  I can't wait to update on my progess in mid-late June!

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