May 3, 2011

Off Grid Home Design Notes

While we wait for our home to sell we have been considering and thinking about the new lifestyle. So much will change for us.  There is no need to wait until we are in our new place to work on the transition.  It won't be easy, but planning ahead will help the process feel less sudden.

Growing up in the society we have is a subtle "corruption". I don't mean to make it sound all bad.  What matters most in life truly is loving others sacrificially and caring for your family.  When I say "corruption" I mean those convenient short-cuts we make to ensure an easier life for ourselves without considering the long term consequences.  It is easy to do and I think really in our human nature to try to make life "easier".  Growing up we never concerned ourselves with how much we were throwing away or where it went when we put out the garbage.  This is something I don't want to miss in raising my child(ren). 

My personal goal as I grow older in regards to material things is never just do what everyone else is doing.  I want to always ask why and move my life according to what I find when I ask the hard questions.  In the end I believe this will make life to be more rich and fulfilling. Most importantly we will be putting ourselves in a position to help others.

Anyway, all that to say I sat down last night and drew out a really good idea of what our dream home would be.  When I say "dream home" I don't mean some extravagant beautiful large dwelling like a mansion. When I think of a perfect home design I think "functionality", "purpose", "resource", and "efficiency". 

I made the plan below in Google Docs Spreadsheet.  I have played with this kind of thing before and it is just the easiest way for me to do it. I tried to get the appliances and furniture sizes somewhat accurate, but wasn't too picky. I know that it will probably continue to change as our plans changes.  Hopefully I can get Jake to post his plan for plumbing sometime. It is very unique and efficient.  You will notice that all our water utilities are located directly next to the utility room. We have plenty, and I mean PLENTY of time to switch this up before making any final drawings or decisions.

Click here to see our plan- subject to and most likely will change!

Coming up soon I will start discussing the ways in which we are gearing up for our new hardworking lifestyle. Hint: It has to do with me not being on the computer as much as I would like.

Proverbs 16:9 "The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps."

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