June 30, 2011

On We Wait!

Why do they call it a short sale?  I mean I knew that it wasn't going to be short, but I was hoping we could be out of this place within 6 months and it's been over 3.

Now that I am 10 weeks pregnant I'm getting really anxious and worried that we'll be moving when I'm 8 months pregnant or with a new born.

These days have really taught me to live in the moment and to be thankful for the small things, like feeling the baby move already and my 3 year old saying "I love you mommy and daddy" over and over.

We have a choice every moment to be grateful or to grumble.  I want to choose to be grateful. There is so much more life there. I'm thankful to have a husband that looks at the positive to help me from becoming the grumbler.

On we wait! I hope to post news (good or bad!) soon!

June 20, 2011

What is "a few days" in bank lingo?

The latest update on the house sale is that two weeks ago the bank told us they would order an appraisal "in a few days".  So right now we are just wondering how much longer this "few days" is before we can actually think about listing the house on the market!

We are being patient, almost too patient I think at times, but we trust that the waiting will bring about a blessing in the end.  Who knows what kind of land we might find. We are beginning to get quite creative in looking into things like land auctions and comparing small towns in Michigan.  It's kind of fun, but also gets old and we just want to move forward in our 5 year plan that feels like it is becoming a 10 year plan. 

There is no reason to take our current blessings for granted. We have no excuse not to live our current situation out of gratitude for the one who gives us each new day.  At the end of the day we work hard at being thankful for each other, food, and covering.

Don't forget to wash your veggies thoroughly before you eat them... unless you are blessed to have an organic farm in your backyard! But you should still wash those...