March 17, 2011

The push we needed

Going off grid is not a new dream for Jake and I.  Solar and wind energy have often been the topic of many discussions for a few years.    Just before our 6th anniversary this year Jake watched a documentary by Les Stroud (survivor man). You will laugh when I say we actually watched it together on my laptop in the hotel room on our anniversary getaway. It was a very exciting time for us. This documentary gave us that push that we can do this and we are not crazy.

Click here to view the documentary yourself. There are 7 parts and each part is about 10 minutes long.

We began to discuss the steps we would need to take, talked about what it would be like,  discussed how far we would go away from family and friends. We crunched a lot of numbers and searched out available land in the area(just to get an idea of prices and such). Most importantly for us, we took time to pray.  If we do all this and in the end find that we did it all for our own whims and desires this whole thing would be useless. After that weekend we still kept praying, talking, figuring, researching, and planning.  We will keep doing this the whole time. If a question or idea comes up we write it in our notebook.

So much depends on the sale of our home so there really are not a lot of decisions to make until we sell the house.  In the mean time we will focus our efforts on prepping the house for sale.

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