March 18, 2011

Land Examination Priorities

I've done enough reading about land buying to know that you pretty much need to know the property upside down before you buy it.  Here is a list of things I have compiled of what we need to do before deciding to buy any land. Some are obvious and simple, but we don't want to forget to check them. Others require a little more effort.

1) Zoning
2) Township requirements and restrictions (including building ordinances)
3) Mineral rights or other obligations
4) Well test/water level/flood zone?
5) Soil test
6) Radon test
7) Check with any nearby farmers on what kinds of pesticides they use (air quality)
8) Research Bugs or Pests in the area. Ask neighbors, look at local nature center, go to the library.
9) Educate yourself on easements and road taxation. And if we are serious about a particular property have a new survey done if it has not been done recently.

Here's a fun thing I just haphazardly figured out (This is just for kicks and giggles. Please don't take it seriously)

I was just thinking "I wonder how many acres of land there are in the world compared to people and how many acres we could each have if we spread out a bit." (especially thinking about crowded cities like Hong Kong and New York.) Here is the general numbers I have found:

There are 36,794,240,000 acres of land on earth and 6,905,913,252 people in the world
That leaves 5.3 acres per person

Mind you much of this land is either a frozen tundra or a swamped marshland, still.. you could probably build some sort of structure depending how much money you had.  So, my conclusion is this. The rich people can move to the tundras and rain forests to build their extravagant structures to deal with the climate, buying all their needs on the internet and have them shipped. Then as you get lower in income you are in the more lush bountiful land.  The rich can pay us to send food out to them.  I totally have this all figured out. Why am I not a dictator, I mean, politician?  Or maybe this is the reason I'm not a politician.

So their we have it.  Our little family of three are entitled to about 16 acres. If we have more children, we can have more, but by that time we might only be entitled to less due to population growth so maybe we should be satisfied with 5-10. Oh don't you love my analytical brain?


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