March 13, 2011

De-cluttering Checklist for Home sale

We have watched enough home improvement and real estate shows.  When selling your home the first thing to do is de-clutter.  We' have already done a lot of our de-cluttering and have sold a lot on craigslist.  I still plan to go through the checklist I created to make the house look spotless. I may need to do it a couple times while our home is listed so it will be handy to have.

Here is my checklist in case you find yourself surrounded by clutter.  You can do it, too, one step at a time!

Home de-cluttering and simple deep cleaning checklist room by room
Prior to beginning your de-cluttering choose a place in the house where you will bring items to sell or giveaway.

Dump all clothes on bed
Sort in two piles “keep” and “give away/sell”
Neatly put away clothes/accessories, perhaps even color coding your closet.
Take all things off closet shelves and put on bed
Sort in two piles “keep” and “giveaway/sell”
Place “keep” pile back into closet
Take all decorations and picture frames off dressers/shelves and place on bed
Sort items by “keep” and “giveaway/sell” again
Place “keep” items back on dressers or find another place in the house
Remove any items that do not belong in the bedroom (i.e.  giveaway/sell piles)
Dust the room
Sweep ceiling and walls for cobwebs
Clean floor
Put on clean sheets and fluff up the pillows
Light a candle or spray some air freshener
Additional suggestions for children’s bedrooms:
Use plastic bins to sort kid’s clothes by size
Sort (keep/sell) and organize by size/seasonal clothes in drawers and closet
Store any unseasonal toys or clothes in plastic bins
Store unneeded clothes and take giveaway/sell pile to determined spot
Arrange toys and furniture on outside walls

Take out all items out of bathroom and place on table or kitchen/living floor(caution with kids or pets)
Sort in “keep” or “give away/sell” piles
Take giveaway/sell pile to determined spot
Open window and steam/spray whole bathroom
Clean Toilet
Sanitize whole bathroom and polish faucets
Wash/replace shower curtain
Place “keep” pile neatly back into drawer and cabinets
Fold towels neatly

Determine which cupboards need reorganization or sorting
Empty and sort each cabinet one at a time into “keep” and “giveaway/sell” piles
Wipe down shelves if needed
Place items back in cupboards neatly
Take all items off counters and question which is necessary to keep on (less is best for de-cluttering, especially for sale of a home.) Perhaps you will only keep out appliances you use on a daily basis such as coffee maker and toaster.
Wipe down the outsides of all cabinets
Clean and polish sink, stove, and other appliances exterior
Clean interior of microwave
Take old food out of fridge and make some sort of rhyme or reason of the food (produce in drawers, cheese/dairy on bottom shelf, leftovers on top shelf, etc…)

Kitchen (cont’d)
To deep clean the fridge take all items off first shelf, take the shelf out, shut fridge, clean shelf in sink, dry well, and return to fridge along with the food. Repeat with other shelves.
Sanitize counters, faucets, appliance handles, and table/chairs
Sweep and mop kitchen floor
If there are any decorations/pictures dust and sort as you did in the other rooms.
Light a candle or spray Air freshner

Living Room
Place on the couch all decorations, pictures, movies, cds, etc… that are not on the walls.  Choose some to store or giveaway/sell.
Dust and put “keep” pile back on shelves
Place giveaway/sell pile in designated spot in the house.
Clean couch and chairs
Dust lamps, electronics, furniture, etc…
Clean the floor
Light a candle or spray air freshener

Pull out all items into one pile (papers, magazines, catalogs, bills that need filing)
Organize papers into piles (i.e. recycle, good coupons, “to file”, magazines to keep)
Place sorted papers where they belong on the desk
Any items that are not used on a daily basis should be placed in drawers or box nearby
Dust Computer and Desk and clean the monitor
For bookshelves, choose books you would like to read in the next year. Store all other books in plastic bins.  Use extra space for small decorations or pictures
Sort any other items in “keep” or “giveaway/sell” piles and remove any items from room that do not belong

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