July 9, 2011

Weighing options

Well, I will be completely honest with you all.  We seriously are not sure if we should continue making payments on this house.  Mind you, we are not going to go and make some drastic leap like this without feeling completely kosher about it.

Finances are tight as it is, but what's really the kicker was when Jake talked to someone he knows who does foreclosures for a living.  They talked about it for a little while and he really drove the point home that the bank just simply won't hardly look at us unless we miss payments.  He also suggested buying another house and defaulting on this loan.  We still don't think missing payments is an option unless Jake loses his job, which might not be too far off anyway.

So, There we have it.  Do we go with the unethical system of the bank because everyone else does and that is what they expect us to do as well? Or do we stick to our guns and trust that God will cause the road to rise up in His timing. Whether Jake has to lose his job or the bank miraculously begins to look at our file, something is bound to happen at some point!

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