July 30, 2011

Positive short sale news and transitional home before pictures

Before we get to the transitional home that we bought last night here's the update on the short sale. The bank has gone through our house to assess the home value and we are waiting on a price to put the house up for. It should be a week or so according to our negotiator.  The negotiator with the Realtor says they already have a few interested parties in our house!  So we are happy to see things moving along now. We are also glad we found this home because we have work to do and it will take a good month at least.

The transitional home we found is in the park we were originally looking to move a home into because of their special deal. We were in the office handing in paperwork for residency application and the park manager had told me on the phone about a new house that would be available. When we got there I asked the price. We were jaw dropped by what they said!! We snatched it up right away.

For only $4000 we nailed a 3 bed, 2 bath home.  If we were to rent a place at that price it would be at least $700/month (and that is conservative). If we stayed in that rental place for 5 years it would be $42,000 which we would have spent over the course of that time.

With this home we are paying a $376/month lot rent, plus the $4,000 purchase price. Over the course of 5 years as a comparison to the above number we will spend $26,560 saving $15,440!  Even if lot rent is raised we'd still be saving a good amount.

Here are the before pics of the home. I forgot the kids bathroom and will have to add that pic later.

To the right as you walk in the door is the East end of the home.

The first room on the left is the kids room.

Kid's closet:

The next room to the left is the kid's bathroom.

Jake's office is the front room. Nice bay window for natural lighting.

Closet in Jake's office:

Back to the front door looking into the living room. See the kitchen on the other side.

Looking at the southwest corner. (see a bit of the front door on the left) I can not wait to tear out those vertical blinds! 

Looking through the kitchen you can see all the way to the master bath.

Looking the other direction at the kitchen. I'm standing in the dining room.

The dining room and a silhouette of wonderful Dad in Law.

The pantry just next to the kitchen. Love it!!

Standing in the corner of the master bedroom.

Walk-in closet? I KNOW!!!

Garden tub that needs help in the Master bath. The toilet has a cove to the right and their are shelves to the right as you walk in the room.

Back where Dad in Law was standing in the dining room there is a door to a 3 season porch. The laundry areas is also by that door. 

Um, yeah. All this for $4,000 folks!!!

This just dropped in our laps.  Not only was it a deal, it has all the amenities we would desire for a functional home. Without having many more children we could live here very comfortably I think!

I have half my colors picked out for the walls. You can ask Jake. I am itching to get going and work on this place. I think I'm nesting early for the baby. :)

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