July 25, 2011

Things are Happening

A couple quick notes because things are busy around here.

A) An internal broker is coming in to assess the value of our house tomorrow
B) We found a mobile home park that will relocate a home into the park for $5500 and give back to us any extra money.
C) We found a home 924 sq ft home on property for $3500... the guy at the mobile home park that a single wide would average about $3000 to move.. leaving us $1500 to help pay for the home.
D)  We may be about to purchase a home for $1500 moved to the park for free.
E) Lot rent would be $376 and perhaps an extra $10/month for our doggy.

We are trying to just breath right now. We could have a vacant home ready to be moved in by the end of this week to early next week. WHAT!?!?!

1 comment:

  1. *update* That home fell through, but look to the next post to see the one we found in the park for only $4,000 vacated and ready...to work on. :)


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