May 3, 2012

Back to planning

-Jake lost his job December 31, 2011
-We have been on unemployment and watched God provide in awesome ways
-We had a baby girl on January 15, 2012
-Jake found some really awesome freelance opportunities at the end of April, 2012.

So now we can begin to plan again. For a while we really just stopped looking at land, stopped dreaming and considering house options, because we found ourselves getting too anxious over something that might not work out. We were just thankful for each day with food on the table for these last 5 months. We have not struggled nearly as much as many people do around the world. 

Where are we in our land/home plans?  Last night we were talking about the future home for the family and the topic came up of electricity.  We decided that perhaps staying on the grid would keep us from having to have the whole battery shed thing so technically we probably will not be going "off grid", but we would still try to generate our own electricity with solar and wind. We will also still try to have a manual lifestyle using as little electricity as we can. 

So our next plan is to finish paying off the debt. (When we sold the house we said we wanted to be debt free in a year.  With Jake losing his job we weren't sure if that would happen, but hopefully within the next few months we can be completely debt free! I can't wait!

Then it is save save save for land as much as possible and to keep our informed eyes open for the right land. We will be making need and desires lists for land and I will share those when we make them.  I will also share with you some of our thoughts on the home, green house and energy and perhaps some ways I am transitioning as a wife and mom in our little single wide. We also have a raised garden with 8 beds at Jake's parents house not too far away.  

I am looking forward to getting back into a paced dream mode and looking forward to having you along for the journey!


  1. HI!! Our family is planning something similar. We are in he early stages. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and adventure :) We're in NC though..

  2. Thanks for commenting! It is a fun adventure as a married couple to talk about plans and just have fun with it. :) Best wishes to your family in your adventures!!


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