April 6, 2011

Craigslist works for us!

We have done so well selling stuff on craigslist that I am considering a career in it. Not really, but it does make me want to go garage-saling to find really cheaply priced nice things and resell them. It is garage sale season and if I can make a few bucks before we sell the house it would be useful. Perhaps I could set the money aside for getting new things when we move or maybe I can buy some fabric for curtains or cloth napkins or something.  The extent of our success with craigslist has been about $350 plus a trade for a 6 person tent! 

We were just joking at my in-laws tonight about me starting a craigslist sales business where I would sell stuff for people after their garage sales are over and charge 5-10%.  The logistics sounded too complicated once we started talking details, but we had a great name picked out. KCQ (doesn't that roll off your tongue nicely?)  Katy the Craigslisting Queen.  Craigslist shoppers would know me so well they would stop by my house just to find out what I had for sale that day.

Click here to see my favorite "best of craigslist" ad

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